Called Out Episode 014: #Fail

You know you fear failure if your motivation to avoid failure exceeds your motivation for success. This is the crippling reality many face today because past failure has led them to believe they are failures entirely, and the grip of shame from failure never relents.

Though failure is a reality in life for everyone, few are equipped with handling it and knowing how to move forward. If that sounds like you, this episode was made with you in mind.

On this episode, you’ll hear from musician Scott Ryan, who I grew up with, and J.R. Briggs who runs Kairos Partnerships. They not only have their own stories of failure to share, but you’ll get to hear about how they learned to embrace their past failure as a catalyst into life today.

One of the aspirations I had for my podcast was to take on larger subjects with a variety of voices to help provide clarity on tough subjects. Following my episodes on mental health and #metoo, here’s my latest on failure, which is aptly titled #Fail.

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Links from the episode:

– Scotty’s solo music under the artist name Scott Ryan.
– Scotty’s music with the Spokane-based band Super Sparkle (they’re awesome).
– Check out the great work of Songs for Kids.
– J.R. Briggs leads Kairos Partnerships, an organization helping equip leaders.
J.R.’s book Fail (such a helpful book).
– The debut album from New Harvest Worship is available everywhere, including Spotify and
iTunes/Apple Music.

Called Out is a podcast focused on areas of misunderstanding and brokenness in both society and the church. With a variety of guests, each episode tries to paint a picture of how Christians can navigate these areas differently to help you be a source of healing and light despite the darkness you see around you.