Trevin Wax (Called Out Episode 019)

For many people the goal of life is finding their authentic voice, and then expressing it to the world. This could be described as the “you be you” attitude. In order to find happiness within ourselves we want to know who we are and then have the freedom to express it within inhibition. As self-expression continues to grow as a value, it also invades the church despite the call of Christ for followers of Jesus to lay down their lives in order to take up His cross.

On this episode of Called Out, Trevin Wax joins me to discuss self-expression. We discuss the subject from various angles: how it can produce positive results, why it produces negative results when it becomes our sole focus, and what churches can do to navigate the reality of our age of expressive individualism.

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—You can find Trevin Wax on Twitter @trevinwax.

—Trevin has written a number of books, including This is Our Time and Eschatological Discipleship.


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