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Category: church

Even Unto Death

In his compelling work titled Disappearing Church, pastor and writer Mark Sayers lays out a thoughtful argument for why the church is disappearing. The issues raised are far greater than I could raise in one post (seriously, buy the book, Mark is excellent), but one point I connected with is the difference between what he […]

Category: church

When Obedience Over Politics Puts You in the Minority

“You are the God who sees me. I have now seen the One who sees me.” The God of the Bible is the God of the outcast, the helpless, the homeless, and the refugee. In Genesis 16 Hagar flees from her angry boss Sarai. Not long before this moment when Hagar is forced to flee […]

Category: church

To Hell in a Hand Basket

I’ve noticed a common denominator in conversations surrounding me, and conversations I’ve been invited into as well: they start with a current event, and they end with a Christian’s worry about the future. “If things are this bad now, can you imagine how bad they’re going to get?” I call this Doomsday Theology. It’s the […]

Category: church

It Takes a Village

You know the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child.” I believe this to be true. In the child dedications at our church we purposely ask the church family to join with the parents in raising the child presented. We do this because the parents need help and support. Child-raising isn’t a parent-only […]

Category: church

Commitment Inspires Love

This Saturday I’ll be performing a wedding for a couple that I’ve known the better part of a decade. It will be wonderful to see a lot of old friends and to celebrate the coming together of this young couple. In my meetings with them leading up to this marriage ceremony, we’ve discussed the role […]

Category: church

Creating, Failing, Stopping

Lately I’ve been feeling discouraged, like a failure. Maybe the expectations I set for myself were too high. Maybe it wasn’t my fault. A few projects I worked hard over a long period of time came short of expectations. And in the process of those slowly falling apart, I started to sense something welling up […]

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