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If You Could Write One Book…

Being that I’m in the middle of writing my first book manuscript right now I tend to do a lot of thinking about writing, especially writing in the form of a book. Book writing is a unique animal because most books are fairly long. Books give you an opportunity to completely dive into a topic […]

Category: blogging

The Three

Always great to hear about Westboro Baptist in the news again…This time they’re picketing Steve Jobs’ funeral because “he taught sin.” Ugh. It’s fairly pointless to judge people but these folks make it pretty easy. 1. Being that Catalyst is going on in Atlanta this week, it seems fitting to highlight a post from the […]

Category: blogging

The New Look

This blog has been down over the past few days to make quite a few changes to the look and function within it. Paul Bae has been a rock star coder for me and he came up with the new look of the blog. If you’re reading this in an email or RSS reader head […]

Category: blogging

The Overwhelming Need to Share

As someone firmly entrenched in this world of social media, I constantly battle over the need or desire to share. Sharing of my life, my news, my opinion. (Trust me, the irony of writing a blog post sharing my opinion about opinion sharing is not lost on me) Often times I do feel an urge […]

Category: blogging

Sensationalism And My Rebellion From It

Last Friday I ran across an article entitled “Why Evangelicals Hate Jesus” thanks to the recommendation from Rachel. I have yet to read the article and I have no plans to in the future. And while I did link to the article so you can read it, I wouldn’t recommend you read it despite it […]

Category: blogging

How Blogging Taught Me to Preach

This semester I took my first preaching course in seminary. Taking the course was a big step for me, in a weird way. I’m in front of people all the time. Sometimes leading smaller groups, other times leading thousands. But the thought of getting up and speaking for a long period of time is so […]

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