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Category: book

My Video Podcasting Debut

You don’t get a chance to see my face too often. I keep this blog primarily devoted to the written word. Today, however, I thought I’d share a video podcast I recently did with the good folks at Goodberry. In the conversation we touch on subjects like why I became a pastor, why I’m so […]

Category: book

Interview with Barnabas Piper, Author of The Pastor’s Kid

Barnabas and I have interacted together for a few years, mostly over our tortuous love affair with Minnesota sports teams. However, we also share another thing in common, we are both pastor’s kids; he being the son of a well-known pastor, John Piper, and me being the son of an unknown pastor who has been faithful to the call. […]

Category: book

The Pain of Art

20 months ago I shared my deepest, darkest secret to anyone who was willing to read my first published book. I didn’t even hide it on the last page, I placed it front and center in chapter one. From the outset of writing the book I had no intention of sharing anything about my secret. […]

Category: book

God the House Builder

For six months I watched a plot of land in my neighborhood being prepared for the building of a house. All of the trees were cut down and then the ground was leveled so the concrete could be poured for the foundation to be set in place. Next, the concrete was poured—but nothing more. Until […]

Category: book

A Cautionary Tale About Dreams

(Hemingway described writing as bleeding on the page. I think today’s post is a little more like that than usual. Sometimes posts come out in 30 minutes of writing. Sometimes they take 30 days to develop. Today’s is the latter. Thanks for taking time to read in this space). — 2 years ago I had […]

Category: book

The Pain of Going Public With Your Words

It’s been 14 months since I released my first ever published book. The whole project kind of fell into my lap—it was never something I pursued until I sensed God leading that direction. The publisher came to me. The idea came from a friend. The format of the book changed because of a friend. Honestly, […]

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