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Category: christian

The Christian and Marijuana Use

In recent years marijuana has been legalized in a handful of states, including my own home state, Oregon. In a few weeks the state of California will likely legalize marijuana, continuing the trajectory toward universal legalization of the drug around the United States. For nearly all of my lifetime, the question of whether a Christian […]

Category: christian

How to Live the Christian Life

  I think most of us here know how to become a Christian. You know that to become a Christian, an encounter with Christ must take place, but so many do not know how to live the Christian life. Now, first of all, what is a Christian? What does it mean to be a Christian? […]

Category: christian

The Death of Christian Leadership

Not long ago I was playing a round of golf with my dad, who has been a pastor my entire life. Somehow, in a weird set of a circumstances, God called me to the same life of a minister, despite my strong desire to avoid such a thing happening all of my growing up years. […]

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