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Nothing is Hidden

The recent Netflix documentary The Great Hack has once again brought internet privacy into focus as a vital discussion within our society today. More than likely you’ve had a friend on Facebook post something along the lines of: Deadline tomorrow!!! Everything you’ve ever posted becomes public from tomorrow…Channel 13 News talked about the change in […]

Category: facebook

The Danger of Likes (or why I joined Snapchat)

I joined Snapchat. There, I said it. I admit it. If you want proof, find me here. I joined Snapchat because I was sick of hearing people joining and loving it. I knew all the bad press, all the misuses of the app, but I decided to give it a shot. And I have to […]

Category: facebook

In Favor of Social Media Overuse

I fully admit that I use social media far too often. I joined Facebook back in the days of college exclusivity. I joined Twitter before Oprah joined and it blew up. And since then I’ve continued to pour hours and hours into the ongoing boom that is social networks. I’ve even made what I consider […]

Category: facebook

Tweet it and You’ve Got it

From Tyler: Today’s post is from a friend of mine, Chris Nye. I had the chance to interact with Chris a few months ago at a conference and can assure you he is the real deal. I’ve been trying to get a chance to feature Chris’ writing on here for a while, and I’m excited […]

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2 Ways Social Media is Changing the Christian Faith

From Tyler: Today’s post is from Jonathan Pearson, a guy I’ve engaged with via social media and blogging a lot over the past year. Jonathan has a passion for understanding and engaging the Millennial generation, and he’s also a great writer. I’m so glad to have him be sharing on this blog today. If you’re […]

Category: facebook

The Three

1. The Wall Street Journal ran a story on a small study done on Facebook and marriages. And when I say marriages, I mean marriages that fail. The story was instantly adopted by several Christian leaders who I respect as the prime example why we must be careful when engaging in online media. While I […]

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