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Category: faith

Finding Hope in an Irresistible God

I’ve always been fond of the doctrine of irresistible grace, also sometimes referred to as efficacious grace. The case for this belief or understanding within Christianity is usually connected to John 6:65 when Jesus has just told the disciples some of them didn’t truly believe. He follows that statement by saying, “This is why I […]

Category: faith

Why God Doesn’t Care About Extraordinary

I hear this message from Christian leaders all the time: “God wants to take your ordinary life so he can turn it into something extraordinary.” Or this: “God wants to do extraordinary things through you.” “Ordinary,” or the perception of it, isn’t quite good enough. God frowns upon it, because good Christians accomplish incredible things. […]

Category: faith

How to Live the Christian Life

  I think most of us here know how to become a Christian. You know that to become a Christian, an encounter with Christ must take place, but so many do not know how to live the Christian life. Now, first of all, what is a Christian? What does it mean to be a Christian? […]

Category: faith

What We’ve Lost Does Not Outweigh What We Can Gain

Several years ago I caught myself in this slow fade where I was exclusively focused on my own pursuit of selfish gain. I worked 65 hours a week seeking after what my boss called “the lifestyle.” At the end of the day what was supposed to keep me motivated was advancing toward this lifestyle. What […]

Category: faith

The Bad News About the Lack of Faith Among Millennials

A few troubling studies have been released in the recent weeks depicting the ongoing decline of faith among Millennials in America. While the lack of church attendance and the growth of atheism in the Millennial generation has been widely discussed for some time, the bad news about the lack of faith in Millennials is that […]

Category: faith

How My Pastor Saved My Faith Without Even Trying

Today’s post comes from a great writer and author, Ed Cyzewski. If you’re interested in guest posting on this blog, head here for more information. — The last thing my pastor told me before I left for seminary saved my faith. I think he was just trying to save me from having a rough time […]

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