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Category: God

Bypassing Prayer for Action (God Isn’t Fixing This)

God Isn’t Fixing This. That’s the headline from the Daily News in response to the shooting in San Bernadino 2 years ago. The cover includes a few tweets from Republicans leaders at the time, with emphasis added on the prayers they declared to offer. In the wake of tragedy everyone wants to offer thoughts and […]

Category: God

How Do I Find My Calling? (thoughts on the poor questions we ask)

You may have noticed, everyone is talking about calling. You can find articles written about calling on nearly every major online website. I went to Relevant Magazine yesterday, and sure enough one of their most popular articles was on calling. They publish about one a week on calling. You can’t really blame them, because publishing organizations […]

Category: God

Taking After God, like David

One of the more confusing parts of the Bible is David’s description in 1st Samuel 13, as a “man after God’s own heart.” At the moment God has declared this of David we know little of him. He’s the youngest son, severly overlooked and undervalued. We get the sense that he’s a hard worker, but […]

Category: God

A Conversation on God’s Will

I wanted to share a recent conversation I had with Ed Underwood on the subject of God’s will with all of you. Ed is a pastor in the Los Angeles area, and in recent years he has been a great encouragement to me in person and through various online venues as I’ve started in the pastoral […]

Category: God

Looking Over the Edge of a Cliff (or the time I preached on God’s wrath on the disobedient)

Following my last post on two different ways to communicate for change, I thought I’d provide a real life example of speaking on a Biblical text that tries to change us by increasing the tension from the negative perspective. I hate heights. My hands get cold and wet. My heart beat races away. I never […]

Category: God

Finding Hope in an Irresistible God

I’ve always been fond of the doctrine of irresistible grace, also sometimes referred to as efficacious grace. The case for this belief or understanding within Christianity is usually connected to John 6:65 when Jesus has just told the disciples some of them didn’t truly believe. He follows that statement by saying, “This is why I […]

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