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Category: God

Living an Instagram Kind of Life

People who don’t use Instagram rip on those who do all the time. I’ve heard the comments such as, “people show off a glamorized picture of their lives.” That’s absolutely true. Or the comment of, “those filters make every picture look washed out.” Also, true. And finally the comment, “a picture never tells the whole story.” […]

Category: God

The Sheltered Life

Mistakes, hurts, and abuses often cause us to hide, not allowing anyone to see who we really are. In these moments it’s difficult to envision anything outside the walls of our pain. So we lock ourselves into this stagnant life where nothing greater is ever possible. We don’t become less flawed through healing, but we […]

Category: God

Leaders Must Do Two Things Well

Every year another book on leadership climbs the best seller charts. And believe it or not, the basic idea of great leadership in their book is no different than nearly every other book on leadership written. Leaders figure out the problem and find a solution. And really, leaders must only do these two things well: […]

Category: God

The Disappearing Presence of God

From Tyler: In honor of March Madness starting today (also known as the greatest day of the year), I’m featuring a fellow former basketball player from my high school. Today’s post is from Chad Harms who was a ferocious defensive guard at McNary High School and is a pastor near Portland, Oregon. — God’s presence […]

Category: God

You’re on a Need to Know Basis

Over the weekend I had this random thought (I get these quite often and usually forget to write them down): You’re on a need to know basis with God, and you don’t need to know. Now let me provide some context… I’m a planner. I could tell you almost hour by hour exactly what this […]

Category: God

Finding the Mentor You Long For

From Tyler: Rose and I are home from the hospital enjoying being parents to our baby boy born on Monday night. More about that next week. Today and in the coming days I’ll be featuring some great writers. Today’s post is from Natasha who actually grew up with Rose in Homer, AK. You’ll be glad […]

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