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Category: holy week

Holy Week Reflection

The Gospel of John includes a unique account of The Last Supper on Thursday of what we often call Holy Week. Though its most noteworthy action is Christ instituting the Communion meal as representative of The New Covenant, John’s account begins with Christ washing the disciples’ feet. Here’s the opening of John 13: It was […]

Category: holy week

Be Like the Donkey

This past Sunday was known as Palm Sunday to those in the Christian faith. The day not only begins what is known as Holy Week, but also reflects back to the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem as people waved palm branches and placed garments on the roadway as Jesus arrived. An overlooked character in […]

Category: holy week

Timeline of Holy Week Reflections

Over this entire week I’ve been posting reflections following the timeline of Holy Week. I thought I’d share a full compilation of those reflections for you to engage with. Here’s a resource I used to figure out what happened on what days according to the Gospel accounts in the Bible. click here to download the […]

Category: holy week

Can One Week Really Make a Difference?

You are torn in two different directions: the quick fix and the long road. The Quick Fix: All around is a push to change yourself now. Every diet and exercise plan promises quick results. When it comes to faith you can expect God to make all things new in your life NOW. When he doesn’t […]

Category: holy week

Stewardship of Suffering (A Holy Week Meditation)

The word stewardship has been hijacked by the American church to primarily mean monetary giving, which is such a narrow view of all stewardship truly is. As “ambassadors” we are stewards of God’s presence within our world because of God’s Spirit dwelling within us (I’m thinking of 2nd Corinthians 5:20 here). With this in mind, […]

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