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Category: interview

A Conversation About the Intersection of Faith and Work

Last week I spent an hour with my friend Paul Pastor at the Mt. Angel Abbey. Aside from the great view on a beautiful day, we discussed the topics surrounding an upcoming event put on by Christianity Today and Leadership Journal on faith and work. The event is in Portland, and as a reader of […]

Category: interview

Interview with Barnabas Piper, Author of The Pastor’s Kid

Barnabas and I have interacted together for a few years, mostly over our tortuous love affair with Minnesota sports teams. However, we also share another thing in common, we are both pastor’s kids; he being the son of a well-known pastor, John Piper, and me being the son of an unknown pastor who has been faithful to the call. […]

Category: interview

Creativity for the Masses (A Conversation with Blaine Hogan)

Today’s post is an ongoing conversation I’ve been having with Blaine Hogan. Blaine is an actor, writer, and also the Creative Director at Willow Creek in Chicago. His book was instrumental in giving me the courage to write mine (more info about that at the bottom of this post). We spent time talking about developing […]

Category: interview

Creative Theology: An Interview with Author Sam Mahlstadt

I’m excited to share a discussion I recently had with Sam Mahlstadt, the author of Creative Theology, a book I really enjoyed. Christian culture has put a huge emphasis toward artistic expression and the importance of creativity within the church, but what Sam does in this book is create an under-girding theological understanding for why […]

Category: interview

Interview with Scott MacIntyre

Most of you will remember Scott MacIntyre from American Idol season 8 when he was the first blind contestant to become a finalist on the show. Since then Scott has gone on to release albums, tour around the world, and is now releasing a book sharing some of the more unknown parts of his story. […]

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