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Category: leadership

My Struggle to Develop New Leaders

Two years ago I joined the staff of a relatively small church. Having served exclusively in large churches, it was quite a shock to my pastoral system. The biggest shock was the realization that I simply couldn’t do it all. My job description included far more than I could accomplish on my own—and there was […]

Category: leadership

On a Boat in the Middle of a Storm

The older I get the more I see today’s culture validating toxic behavior, making this world a toxic environment to live in. The anti-thesis of the Gospel is the accepted norm: you are what you do; survival of the fittest; the hardest and most conniving worker wins the day. Stress is something only kept at bay […]

Category: leadership

Leaders Must Do Two Things Well

Every year another book on leadership climbs the best seller charts. And believe it or not, the basic idea of great leadership in their book is no different than nearly every other book on leadership written. Leaders figure out the problem and find a solution. And really, leaders must only do these two things well: […]

Category: leadership

The Disappearing Presence of God

From Tyler: In honor of March Madness starting today (also known as the greatest day of the year), I’m featuring a fellow former basketball player from my high school. Today’s post is from Chad Harms who was a ferocious defensive guard at McNary High School and is a pastor near Portland, Oregon. — God’s presence […]

Category: leadership

Gaining Respect as a Younger Leader

Earlier this week I wrote the first of two posts for younger leaders. The first one explores how to gain leadership skills when no one is giving you leadership opportunities. — After Tuesday’s post I think we need to take the next step. At some point—especially if you focus on earning them instead of waiting […]

Category: leadership

Becoming a Leader When No One Lets You Lead

Today and Thursday I’m going to be posting on the subject of leadership, specifically with younger leaders in mind. I find that younger leaders often feel passed over, discounted, and disrespected. Because of this many younger leaders never come to realize that they are leaders and their potential to influence our world for Christ is […]

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