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Category: leadership

Becoming a Leader When No One Lets You Lead

Today and Thursday I’m going to be posting on the subject of leadership, specifically with younger leaders in mind. I find that younger leaders often feel passed over, discounted, and disrespected. Because of this many younger leaders never come to realize that they are leaders and their potential to influence our world for Christ is […]

Category: leadership

Leading Up: How to Thrive as a Millennial Leader

From Tyler: Today’s post is from a great young writer and leader in the church, Joel Mayward. He’s just about to release his first book. Check out the post below, and reach out to show him some support as his book launches. — I’m a leader in the church, but I’m ultimately not the one […]

Category: leadership

Getting the Most Out of Your Church Internship

If you’ve attended a Christian university, studied in school for any type of Christian ministry, or have worked for a church for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly gone through a period of time most people refer to as an internship. Internships are meant to be fertile ground for getting a person’s feet not just […]

Category: leadership

The Three

1. The Wall Street Journal ran a story on a small study done on Facebook and marriages. And when I say marriages, I mean marriages that fail. The story was instantly adopted by several Christian leaders who I respect as the prime example why we must be careful when engaging in online media. While I […]

Category: leadership

The Death of Christian Leadership

Not long ago I was playing a round of golf with my dad, who has been a pastor my entire life. Somehow, in a weird set of a circumstances, God called me to the same life of a minister, despite my strong desire to avoid such a thing happening all of my growing up years. […]

Category: leadership

Knowing When to Walk Away

Research and analysis done by many psychologists shows that humans get an itch for significant change every 7 to 10 years. Some believe part is this is related to how our cells regenerate every 7 years. We change half of our main friendships every 7 years. Obviously all this is a bit subjective, but based […]

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