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Category: life

The Unlived Life

In episode 5 during the 3rd season of the Netflix series The Crown, Queen Elizabeth II (marvelously played by Olivia Colman) spends a month traveling to different parts of the world studying best practices for raising horses for racing. Toward the end of her trip she shares with her friend Henry Herbert that the trip was one […]

Category: life

The Ultimate Goal of Life

What would you say the ultimate goal of life is? What would our society say the ultimate goal of life is? I think the obvious answer is happiness. A recent Barna survey revealed that 67% of church-going Christians believe “enjoying yourself is the highest goal of life.” Thankfully that percentage is lower than the 84% […]

Category: life

Creating, Failing, Stopping

Lately I’ve been feeling discouraged, like a failure. Maybe the expectations I set for myself were too high. Maybe it wasn’t my fault. A few projects I worked hard over a long period of time came short of expectations. And in the process of those slowly falling apart, I started to sense something welling up […]

Category: life

Life Wins

For the entire length of my Christian faith I’ve always placed a high priority on a few simple, quiet moments of reading, prayer, quietness, and meditation. In high school we called this JAM time. In college we called it quiet time. As an adult I simply think of it as soul cultivation. In these moments […]

Category: life

The Process of Figuring Out What Really Matters

“That sounds great, but I don’t have time.” I hear this several times each week. On the surface we’re busier people than ever, and yet I can’t help but wonder if our busyness lacks purpose. Typically what I hear through the maze of excuses is, “I don’t have any priorities.” Because this is the truth: […]

Category: life

Nearest is Best

I firmly believe the advice that you must write for others, so it makes sense that writers often care about the level of traction their writing gets. They focus on the amount of hits to their blog, or the amount of times people share their words into various spaces. And in this world of seeking attention it’s easy […]

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