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Category: marriage

The Three

1. My friend and fellow Moody author Rhett Smith recently wrote a great article for Relevant Magazine on marriage and the struggle many of us have with what commitment in marriage truly is. He hones in on the phrase “two becoming one” to discuss how difficult it really can be, something mostly overlooked by couples […]

Category: marriage

Married to Ministry #MarriageMinistry

This post is a part of a series Rob Rash has organized titled #MarriageMinistry focused on how to navigate being married while being in vocational church ministry. It was a Tuesday evening. 5pm. I walk in the house through the garage door and enter into the kitchen to find my wonderful wife slaving away in […]

Category: marriage


5 years ago today my life changed fairly dramatically. The thing with marriage is that people can tell you all about it before hand, but there’s really no way to know what you’re truly getting into. Luckily I got into it with someone fairly special. Ask anyone the key to success in marriage and you’ll […]

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