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Category: mentoring

“See You Next Sunday!”

As a pastor I focus a consistent amount of my time toward connecting the unconnected, and then deepening the connected, within the church body. I want to focus on the first piece of this today (connecting the unconnected), and specifically I have in mind people who are new to the Christian faith, or new to […]

Category: mentoring

The Kind of Relevance That Actually Makes a Difference

Spend time in conversation with just about any Christian and the importance of relevance is bound to come up. Years ago I was at a church where relevance was one of the key areas of focus when it came to ministry. And before you start throwing stones at how awful that is, consider the other […]

Category: mentoring

Discipleship: Re-Imagining Our Calling From Christ (A Blog Series)

(Image: Ross Gale, Duccio) Among the last words recorded during the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ are His giving of calling for those who were following Him. With his disciples around, just before ascending into heaven, Jesus says: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples […]

Category: mentoring

Finding the Mentor You Long For

From Tyler: Rose and I are home from the hospital enjoying being parents to our baby boy born on Monday night. More about that next week. Today and in the coming days I’ll be featuring some great writers. Today’s post is from Natasha who actually grew up with Rose in Homer, AK. You’ll be glad […]

Category: mentoring

So You’ve Been Asked to be a Mentor…

A few people who read this book have since come to me wondering what they can do when asked to become a mentor. Often people are caught off guard and have a myriad of excuses why they can’t. Maybe you know this person well, maybe not. Maybe you feel equipped and ready to be a […]

Category: mentoring

The Problem With a Gospel that Saves You

The word Gospel is as much of a buzz word in Christianity as anything else. Countless books include the word in their title and half of the Christian leaders I talk to say that the key to changing the lives of people is for them to encounter the Gospel. It’s not that I disagree, but […]

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