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Giving Your Life Away

Over the next few weeks I’m going to post several things connected to Ronald Rolheiser’s important book Sacred Fire. I had been told by several it’s an especially helpful book for people in their 30s and 40s, and since I fall into that category I gave it a shot. Turns out my friends were right. […]

Category: millennials

Called Out Episode 012: JP Pokluda

Does the freedom of self-expression really lead to our flourishing? Listen to JP Pokluda share about the downside of freedom, what he’s learned from leading a ministry to 20 and 30-somethings, and what encourages him about the future of the church. Called Out is a podcast focused on areas of misunderstanding and brokenness in both […]

Category: millennials

A Marriage Problem

Since my marriage began six years ago I’ve had a number of friends lose theirs. Some by choice. Others were told that the marriage was over by their now former spouse. After the first three friends I stopped counting. It broke my heart and I didn’t like telling other friends a number. Instead I tried […]

Category: millennials

Becoming a Significant 20something

In my interaction with older adults I find plenty of condescending remarks toward millennials and more specifically to 20somethings. A lot of it is warranted but some of it is flat out wrong. One of the things I believe is flat out wrong is the perception that 20somethings somehow do not value success and sit […]

Category: millennials

The Three

Hard to believe there’s only 2 weeks left in the semester. I haven’t been looking forward to a semester ending this much since my junior year of college (2006). Here’s my top 3 things for you to check out and discuss this week. 1. Jonathan Pearson recently released his own free e-book titled Millennial Matters. […]

Category: millennials

The Entitlement Trap

My church is in the midst of a search for a teaching pastor after all the changes we’ve undergone in the last year. Luckily we’re working with a national search firm to help us in the difficult endeavor of finding someone who not only will be a good fit for Sunset, but will also lead […]

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