Serving Millennials on the Journey Toward Significant Life
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Called Out Episode 012: JP Pokluda

Does the freedom of self-expression really lead to our flourishing? Listen to JP Pokluda share about the downside of freedom, what he’s learned from leading a ministry to 20 and 30-somethings, and what encourages him about the future of the church. Called Out is a podcast focused on areas of misunderstanding and brokenness in both […]

Category: millennials

A Marriage Problem

Since my marriage began six years ago I’ve had a number of friends lose theirs. Some by choice. Others were told that the marriage was over by their now former spouse. After the first three friends I stopped counting. It broke my heart and I didn’t like telling other friends a number. Instead I tried […]

Category: millennials

Becoming a Significant 20something

In my interaction with older adults I find plenty of condescending remarks toward millennials and more specifically to 20somethings. A lot of it is warranted but some of it is flat out wrong. One of the things I believe is flat out wrong is the perception that 20somethings somehow do not value success and sit […]

Category: millennials

The Three

Hard to believe there’s only 2 weeks left in the semester. I haven’t been looking forward to a semester ending this much since my junior year of college (2006). Here’s my top 3 things for you to check out and discuss this week. 1. Jonathan Pearson recently released his own free e-book titled Millennial Matters. […]

Category: millennials

The Entitlement Trap

My church is in the midst of a search for a teaching pastor after all the changes we’ve undergone in the last year. Luckily we’re working with a national search firm to help us in the difficult endeavor of finding someone who not only will be a good fit for Sunset, but will also lead […]

Category: millennials

The Defining Characteristic of Millennials

We’ve all been guilty of something before. Whether it’s sin or just a silly mistake, all humans know the feeling of guilt the comes after falling short of the ideal. Sometimes the downward spiral ends at guilt, as we confess our sin to God and those we’ve hurt, in order for restoration and healing to […]

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