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Category: ministry

A Top Heavy Life (or Why Bloggers Quit and Pastors Burnout)

I’ve watched Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel off and on since it started almost a decade ago. Partially because Rose and I have a family friend on the show, and partially because I like to imagine whether I could withstand the difficulty of the job. Just about every season there is an ice storm that […]

Category: ministry

Break the Comfort

In narrative structure, especially in movies, there is a component called the “inciting incident.” This is the moment when the seemingly comfortable story begins to build a conflict. Without the inciting incident, we’re far less likely to stay engaged with the story. Imagine watching William Wallace battle England in Braveheart without having first watched the […]

Category: ministry

Knowing When to Walk Away

Research and analysis done by many psychologists shows that humans get an itch for significant change every 7 to 10 years. Some believe part is this is related to how our cells regenerate every 7 years. We change half of our main friendships every 7 years. Obviously all this is a bit subjective, but based […]

Category: ministry

Married to Ministry #MarriageMinistry

This post is a part of a series Rob Rash has organized titled #MarriageMinistry focused on how to navigate being married while being in vocational church ministry. It was a Tuesday evening. 5pm. I walk in the house through the garage door and enter into the kitchen to find my wonderful wife slaving away in […]

Category: ministry

We All Have Worth

I was recently having coffee with an acquaintance to get to know him a little better. He’s been active in trying to get some business ideas off the ground and I thought it would be fun to hear more about the story. After about a half-hour of talking about life and some of their latest […]

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