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Category: music

Being Moved By Art

I said in my Blue Like Jazz (the movie) review that I dissect art with the “all truth is God’s truth” mentality. I believe the true difference between good art and bad art is whether it draws us closer to something beyond us or not. For me, this something beyond is God. The best art […]

Category: music

Bring Back the Worship Wars

Someone asked me recently what the current discussions were surrounding the “worship wars.” I told him that I honestly thought, despite there being pockets where this war was ongoing, the war (especially in the western US) is over. For those of you in the dark on this, the worship wars are essentially church disagreements over […]

Category: music

The Roots and Drawing the Line

I’ve been a fan of The Roots for a long while. They’re a unique band who has blended rock, hip-hop, and other music genres better than anyone else. They mixed genres in a way that no one else had before them. Plus I’m a Jimmy Fallon fan and they play on his late-night show as […]

Category: music

Worship as Musical Excellence

As someone who spends a majority of my week working with music and worship teams at a local church, I’m in a constant battle to value community over excellence. This isn’t to say that excellence in music for the sake of communal worship doesn’t have a place, it’s just never my end goal. The church […]

Category: music

What I’m Listening To

In light of the discussion we had around Christmas and worship music, I thought I’d share some of the music that has been stirring my soul for the past few months. I tend to work with music playing all day long and I usually always prefer to write with some sort of instrumental music playing […]

Category: music

Why Are You At Your Church?

I was talking with a group on the worship team and I asked: “Why did you choose this church or why are you staying at this church?” The question is essentially asking, “What about church is most important to you?” For the non-church person, the question becomes, “why go to church?” or “what about church […]

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