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Category: pain

The Pain of Art

20 months ago I shared my deepest, darkest secret to anyone who was willing to read my first published book. I didn’t even hide it on the last page, I placed it front and center in chapter one. From the outset of writing the book I had no intention of sharing anything about my secret. […]

Category: pain

The Most Confusing Spiritual Discipline

From Tyler: Today I want to introduce you to Ed Underwood, a fellow pastor and blogger I spent some time with a few months back. He and I are going to host a short series together in a few weeks, but I wanted you to get to know him first. Here’s one of my favorite […]

Category: pain

The Sheltered Life

Mistakes, hurts, and abuses often cause us to hide, not allowing anyone to see who we really are. In these moments it’s difficult to envision anything outside the walls of our pain. So we lock ourselves into this stagnant life where nothing greater is ever possible. We don’t become less flawed through healing, but we […]

Category: pain

Dear Friends

Dear Friends- I see you in the corner, trying to hide away from everyone. You put on a mask so no one can see what’s really going on—the pain you’re struggling with. Somehow you remain convinced that exposing yourself for who you are and what you’ve done, would mean you would be ostracized away from […]

Category: pain

The First Step Needed

Each of us has wounds from the past. Some show directly on our exterior, others we’ve gotten good at hiding, even hiding them from ourselves so we can try to forget them. The sad reality is that many of us even have scars from the bride of Christ, the church. I know I do. I […]

Category: pain

You Have to Go Through the Fire

The day after the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals I listened to Shane Battier talk on the radio about why his team (Miami) won and their why their opponents, Oklahoma City, did not. And his answer honestly shocked me. I expected him to say that they had better strategy, or better coaching, or they […]

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