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Leading Up: How to Thrive as a Millennial Leader

From Tyler: Today’s post is from a great young writer and leader in the church, Joel Mayward. He’s just about to release his first book. Check out the post below, and reach out to show him some support as his book launches. — I’m a leader in the church, but I’m ultimately not the one […]

Category: pastor

Becoming a Pastor is Not a Title to Wear

As most of you know, Rose and I transitioned to a new home and new place of ministry a few months ago. And needless to say, the past few months have been hard. They’ve brought on unique challenges (and opportunities)—the kind of challenges we have limited experience of dealing with. I sense myself waging the […]

Category: pastor

When the Well Runs Dry

I had this thought last week: “The well is dry.” It was an interesting thought because I was doing all the right things in order to cultivate newness within my thoughts and life, but it was the reality I had run up against. I was running on empty. Those of you who consider yourselves to […]

Category: pastor

The Next Assignment

As I shared on Monday, God is taking Rose and me to a new place, or the next assignment as a friend of mine said to me last week. We are leaving Sunset after it being our church home and place of ministry for the past 5 years. Starting in September I will be the […]

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How My Pastor Saved My Faith Without Even Trying

Today’s post comes from a great writer and author, Ed Cyzewski. If you’re interested in guest posting on this blog, head here for more information. — The last thing my pastor told me before I left for seminary saved my faith. I think he was just trying to save me from having a rough time […]

Category: pastor

Stop Selling Maps, Go On Hikes

I recently read Working the Angles by Eugene Peterson, the guy most known for writing The Message translation or paraphrase of the Bible. Over the past few years in seminary I’ve grown to respect Peterson more and more. He’s the antithesis of the celebrity pastor where pastors tour and lead incredibly large organizations. Peterson lives […]

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