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Category: prayer

Bypassing Prayer for Action (God Isn’t Fixing This)

God Isn’t Fixing This. That’s the headline from the Daily News in response to the shooting in San Bernadino 2 years ago. The cover includes a few tweets from Republicans leaders at the time, with emphasis added on the prayers they declared to offer. In the wake of tragedy everyone wants to offer thoughts and […]

Category: prayer

A Prayer for the Work of God and Humanity

Today’s post from Paul Pastor is the finale of Hinneh: a blog series on vocation and calling. If you’d rather read all the posts from the series in a short ebook, the writers have generously made it available for free. You can download a PDF copy here, or downloads in Epub (most tablets/e-readers) and Mobi (Kindle) […]

Category: prayer

Please Pray For Me

My Facebook feed is full of people asking for prayer. I know plenty of people who ask for prayer regarding every life event. I know others who share a few new prayer requests every time they come to their small group. “My brother is looking for a job. Please pray for him.” Or, “Our dog […]

Category: prayer

The Problem with Praying For Your Enemy

Whether it be with people who disagree with me online, or people who disagree with decisions I make in helping lead a church, I can easily create fake enemies. I say fake because nearly all who come to mind are actually my brothers and sisters in Christ, so to call them an enemy of mine […]

Category: prayer

Pray the Psalms

This summer I’ve been slowly making my way through the Psalms during my time of morning reading and prayer. My reasons for why are easily summed up by Dietrich Bonhoeffer who said, “Pray the Psalms whether or not they express adequately what you feel. It may be necessary to pray contrary to your feelings.” I’ve […]

Category: prayer

Your Prayers Never Die

I recently heard a pastor share about how he believed some of the things coming together in his life were based on the prayers of his father, now passed. His father had prayed for some specific things, but for the most part, they remained unanswered within his lifetime. But now the son, well into his […]

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