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Category: race

Whose Lives Matter?

There’s a debate taking place right now, maybe you’ve noticed too because it has been impossible to ignore: #BlackLivesMatter followed closely behind by #AllLivesMatter followed recently by the #BlueLivesMatter push. This is my attempt to cut through the noise. Let me first acknowledge that I have little to no ability to claim experiential authority on this […]

Category: race

The Problem So Easily Ignored: Race, Education, and Sacrifice

Recently This American Life released two episodes surrounding Ferguson, Michael Brown, and integration within the American education system. Despite the charged issues, the producers created the kind of episode worth listening to: prompting more questions, wondering where you might fit within progression for all sides. At the heart of the episodes was the question of […]

Category: race

The Church and White Privilege

History may view this statement as hyperbole, but I’ll go for it anyway: The events taking place in Ferguson are a watershed moment for racial reconciliation (or the lack thereof) in America. And if the church stands idly by as this watershed moment takes place the Gospel will be further relegated to a place of obscurity […]

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