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Category: religion

A Secular Age

We are embedded in and overwhelmed by a world that is increasingly secular—a world without a need for God—leaving many Christians at a loss for how to navigate being people of faith. Listen in as Andrew Root helps navigate these tumultuous times for Christians looking for a way forward. Andrew Root is a professor at […]

Category: religion

Can You Love Jesus and Hate His Church?

It’s a common argument many have made: Jesus is sweet, but Christians, and the churches full of them, are lame. Not long ago a video made the rounds nearly everywhere that explained why a relationship was better than religion. It was another jab on the church and a plus one for Jesus. On the one […]

Category: religion

Friends and Religious Community

The television show Friends remains one of the most watched shows ever on television. Running for 238 episodes over 10 full seasons the show is one of the few over recent history to have such longevity. I’ve often wondered what sets apart certain television shows from the other. What made Friends such a raving success […]

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