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Category: sin

Nothing is Hidden

The recent Netflix documentary The Great Hack has once again brought internet privacy into focus as a vital discussion within our society today. More than likely you’ve had a friend on Facebook post something along the lines of: Deadline tomorrow!!! Everything you’ve ever posted becomes public from tomorrow…Channel 13 News talked about the change in […]

Category: sin

On Temptation

Last Sunday I shared a sermon from Luke 4:1-13 which covers the temptation of Christ in the wilderness. As part of my study I read through John Owen’s Overcoming Sin and Temptation, which comprises several separate books written by Owen many years ago. Though I wasn’t able to incorporate much of it into my sermon I found […]

Category: sin

Drowning in the Stain: Sexualized Swiping and Hook-Up Culture

In the year 2000, award-winning American novelist Philip Roth published a book titled The Human Stain. The book is a loose continuation of 2 prior books, whose main character follows significant cultural events during his lifetime. The Human Stain follows a college professor named Coleman Silk. Coleman is a fair-skinned black man, who decided in […]

Category: sin

Beyond the Letter

When it comes to sin, avoiding the act is priority number one. In light of this, few put emphasis toward the acts that lead to sinful choices, behaviors, and habits. With so much focus on human decision as it relates to sin avoidance, the more subtle places where sin begins are easily ignored. When it […]

Category: sin

Looking Over the Edge of a Cliff (or the time I preached on God’s wrath on the disobedient)

Following my last post on two different ways to communicate for change, I thought I’d provide a real life example of speaking on a Biblical text that tries to change us by increasing the tension from the negative perspective. I hate heights. My hands get cold and wet. My heart beat races away. I never […]

Category: sin

Building Walls Based on Beliefs

I fully embrace the evangelical form of Christian faith, but that doesn’t mean I always agree with the teachings of leaders within the large community. Recently the debate on how accommodating businesses should be toward those who live in ways that do not reflect their beliefs has reached its height. The state of Arizona is […]

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