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Category: suffering

The Investigation

David ends his well known Psalm 139 with the phrase, “lead me in the way everlasting.” For most Christians this is a prayer they would claim for themselves. Christians desire to follow God’s direction and leading. Rightfully so. God’s way is the right way, so listening and discerning His movement is vital for fulfilling His desire […]

Category: suffering

The Most Confusing Spiritual Discipline

From Tyler: Today I want to introduce you to Ed Underwood, a fellow pastor and blogger I spent some time with a few months back. He and I are going to host a short series together in a few weeks, but I wanted you to get to know him first. Here’s one of my favorite […]

Category: suffering

Stewardship of Suffering (A Holy Week Meditation)

The word stewardship has been hijacked by the American church to primarily mean monetary giving, which is such a narrow view of all stewardship truly is. As “ambassadors” we are stewards of God’s presence within our world because of God’s Spirit dwelling within us (I’m thinking of 2nd Corinthians 5:20 here). With this in mind, […]

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