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Category: terrorism

Bypassing Prayer for Action (God Isn’t Fixing This)

God Isn’t Fixing This. That’s the headline from the Daily News in response to the shooting in San Bernadino 2 years ago. The cover includes a few tweets from Republicans leaders at the time, with emphasis added on the prayers they declared to offer. In the wake of tragedy everyone wants to offer thoughts and […]

Category: terrorism

Shaken By Ultimate Calamities

Last week as news headlines were again gripped by terror—the new normal in today’s world—I began to wonder why Christians seem to react the same as everyone else: fight for your rights, demonize the supposed enemy, declare war on anyone who disagrees with you. These reactions, based completely on fear, define who we are as […]

Category: terrorism

Mayor Bloomberg, 9/11, and The Fear of Losing Christian America

I wanted to posted about this last week but I didn’t want to bring more attention to something that was only taking away from where the focus should have been on the 10th Anniversary of September 11th, 2001. A few weeks ago the Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, announced that no clergy would […]

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