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Category: wedding

The Goal of a Wedding

I officiated over a small, private wedding ceremony recently, and will be attending several other wedding ceremonies in the coming months. While weddings are a significant spiritual event, fewer weddings are taking place inside a church sanctuary. Certainly, God’s presence can unite two to become one in any place, but I often worry that making weddings […]

Category: wedding

Commitment Inspires Love

This Saturday I’ll be performing a wedding for a couple that I’ve known the better part of a decade. It will be wonderful to see a lot of old friends and to celebrate the coming together of this young couple. In my meetings with them leading up to this marriage ceremony, we’ve discussed the role […]

Category: wedding

Do You Condone Same-Sex Marriage by Photographing the Wedding?

This past Sunday I shared what I believe to be my most important message (you can stream the audio of that message here, as well as download the audio and notes), two years into my pastoral role. The subject was how Christians should respond to a culture increasingly accepting of same-sex partnerships and sexuality. Someone asked me […]

Category: wedding

On Being Thankful For Things

Back in the summer of 2006 I worked a hard construction job for 40 hours a week. Right before the job started I made an expensive purchase: a legit ring that would wow my girlfriend into saying yes instead of no. Luckily she did the former. So I worked hard day after day. I didn’t […]

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