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Category: why holiness matters

3 Years Later, My First Book

3 years ago this month my first published book was released. Why Holiness Matters: We’ve Lost Our Way But We Can Find it Again was my attempt at telling my story in a way that would help others see that their own struggles did not impede them from living the life God desired for them. […]

Category: why holiness matters

Will I Write Another Book?

Ever since releasing my first traditionally published book with Moody back in August 2012, the number one question asked of me and my writing is, “Are you going to write another book?” It’s an interesting question because authors don’t simply choose to write a book or not, there’s plenty of other factors involved in publishing […]

Category: why holiness matters

The Pain of Going Public With Your Words

It’s been 14 months since I released my first ever published book. The whole project kind of fell into my lap—it was never something I pursued until I sensed God leading that direction. The publisher came to me. The idea came from a friend. The format of the book changed because of a friend. Honestly, […]

Category: why holiness matters

What We’ve Lost Does Not Outweigh What We Can Gain

Several years ago I caught myself in this slow fade where I was exclusively focused on my own pursuit of selfish gain. I worked 65 hours a week seeking after what my boss called “the lifestyle.” At the end of the day what was supposed to keep me motivated was advancing toward this lifestyle. What […]

Category: why holiness matters

The Power of Personal Touch

As most of you know, Why Holiness Matters is that first book I’ve published and launched. I’d like to tell you writing a book is a carefree and fun process, but the truth is I put hundreds of hours into researching, writing, editing, and lately, marketing the book. Over the past few months most of […]

Category: why holiness matters

Announcement: My 2012 Book Tour

The number one question I’ve been asked over the past two weeks is, “Are you going to do a book tour?” The short answer is no. The long answer is that very few authors go on actual traveling book tours now. It’s cost prohibitive, and the power of the internet makes them somewhat unnecessary. Included […]

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