Fortuitous Bouncing

Wow…I’m a day late with this. My deepest apologies. I was out of town and had limited internet. I actually didn’t check my email for 24 straight hours. I was talking to Rose about that. I can’t remember the last time I’ve gone that long. Is that bad?

  1. Eugene Cho is in the process of starting his own humanitarian organization. Check it out.
  2. A Thomas Jefferson Bible has been found. Pretty interesting to see how he treated the Bible. We often think of the Founding Fathers as deeply devoted Christian men. After you read it, you decide if he was a Christian. I think he was pretty lost and confused.
  3. Jay has continued the conversation from my God Bless America post on his blog.
  4. Dan Kimball has 2 awesome posts on the how controversial choirs and organs are.
  5. The new NBC show Kath and Kim starts in September…it looks hilarious.
  6. Randy Elrod on the “reverse graffiti project.” Pretty sweet.
  7. Short quotes on what it means to be missional.


joe mauer minnesota twinsMy Twins have finally turned it on. Last Sunday their 2nd year pitcher threw a 3 hitter. Only one game back in the Central, they have won 18 out of 21 and have one of the best records in baseball. Who would have thought? (I did).