This is Crazy Cool

If you are reading this before 8am Pacific Time Monday, Rose and I are en route back from Homer to home. I have TONS of video that I’ll go through in the coming days and weeks to put together some semblance of what we did on our trip other than kayaking. If I usually read your blog and I haven’t commented it is probably because my reader is quickly approaching 400, so I will comment soon. It has been a great time away and a rare chance to disconnect.

Now for a look at one of the things from over the past week. A few years ago when Rose and I were engaged, I caught my first salmon. She preceded to kill it and then gut and clean it. I just had to show this, too cool not to. Don’t worry the killing part is not in this video.

(Video embedded RSS readers, it is worth a glance, pretty interesting)


My wife amazes me.