Why Should Anyone Read Your Blog

There are about 150 million blogs…maybe more. That is a lot of blogs. According to Technorati this blog is ranked aproximately 49,000th out of all those. I can live with that 🙂

Some people write blogs just for their family and friends to read, but a lot of people want lots of people to read their blog. So the question “why should anyone read your blog?” is an important one I would think.

Sonia from Copyblogger wrote a great post lending some thoughts on answering that question. Here are her main points…

  • Don’t write in tired space– Meaning don’t write about the same topic that everyone else is writing about.
  • Don’t write in a space no one cares about– Meaning don’t write about boring stuff.
  • Share a unique voice– Don’t say the same thing everyone else has already said.
  • Be genuinely useful– Help people out.
  • Have real authority– This is for people who have name power…most people don’t.
  • Focus on your community– Every blog has a community of readers…write for them.

I think I have violated just about all of these.

I tend to write about subject a bunch of other bloggers write on as well.

I write about stuff that no one cares about. How do I know this? When no one comments…I know.

I try to have a unique voice or thought but I probably don’t.

I know I’m not useful, but that isn’t why I write. Nor do I have a real authority because most people can’t even pronounce my last name right.

I do try to focus on this community of readers here, something I can always get better at.

Thanks to all of you who take time to read here and take the extra time to comment and create a community here.

For you, what sets a part the best blogs from the boring ones?