Sunday Rundown 6.7.09.

Today I led worship for Sunset in both our 9am and 11am services. We do have a 5pm service in a separate venue as well, but Jill is leading it this weekend.

We had a the special treat of listening to the Salvation Army Band in our 9am as well. The funny thing is we had planned an acoustic weekend for the longest time. It was 2 acoustic guitars, a harmonica, and a cajon (wooden hand drum). The SA Band had 42 instruments, and we had 4. There is something ironic/weird/funny in that somewhere. Hopefully it wasn’t a huge distraction or confusion in the 9am. Definitely a different feel from our usual band today.

9am set:

  • Prelude: The Salvation Army Band
  • Great is Thy Faithfulness (Brewster version, but faster)
  • Jesus Paid it All
  • Offering: The Salvation Army Band
  • Message on Integrity/Pride by Ron
  • The Old Rugged Cross
  • At the Cross (Hillsong)

11am set:

  • Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down)
  • Jesus Paid it All
  • Offering: Mighty to Save
  • Message
  • Here I am to Worship (bridge and chorus only)
  • At the Cross
  • Beautiful the Blood (Fee)

I love, love, love leading an acoustic weekend. Something about it feels so freeing. I feel like I can build vocally and instrumentally in a different, easier, more relaxed way. It also creates a simplicity in the music that encourages singing from the congregation. It also feels like an inviting style of music. Whatever it is, it just works for me.

I felt a good bit of anxiety about having enough in me to lead this morning. On Saturday, Sunset hosted the memorial service of Scott Resnick. You would think that a memorial service would create some sort of finality, but it doesn’t (at least not emotionally). A lot of what I felt within me at the memorial service I still felt leading today. Internally I felt like an emotional basket case (pretty rare for me).

All in all I felt like it was a good morning. The congregation seemed a little less engaged than normal in the 11am (no idea why), but I felt I was able to lead effectively and  was extremely impressed with the acoustic band…they were incredible.

For those of who you were there…I’d love some feedback.

For those who weren’t there…do you make an effort to switch up your instrumentation/music style consistently?

(Sunday Setlists)