The Three

If you’re confused about the point of this post, head here to read about the change.

1. Adam had a guest post on his blog that discussed the role of the introverted worship leader. There’s no question, most contemporary worship music being written today lends itself more to a dynamic, up-front personality who can get the energy going. This isn’t exactly the strength of an introvert. I hope introverts who are also worship leaders will begin to see more of their valuable role in the church.

“I learned that there are introverts in that young crowd – more than we realize. Not all of them want to be yelled at through a microphone to be stirred up for worship. Not all want to dance, scream and form a mosh pit. Many of them have a lot of heavy issues on their heart that they want space to work through with the Lord. We as introverted worship leaders can be such a refreshing gift for them.”

2. Here’s an interesting news report on the expansion of Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church in North Carolina. I say interesting because it’s pretty obvious they look at the adding of new campuses to be a negative thing during a down economy. I always find it helpful to hear the perspective of those outside the church, with this being no different (the report is in the first 4 minutes of the video).

3. It isn’t often a pastor takes a TED talk stage. Chris Seay is a pastor in Houston and he did an absolutely wonderful job looking at the power of story and living with conviction. One of the hardest things for anyone to do is to step into a completely non-Christian setting and do a great job of presenting the truth of the Gospel in a way that doesn’t feel judgmental but still makes sense to today’s culture. I think Chris nailed it.

What sticks out to you?