The Three

Even as a Nebraska football fan, I am not, in any way, looking forward to watching them play Penn State on Saturday morning. There are moments when sports are the last thing that should go on and this would be one of them. I’m still hoping they cancel the game.

1. Rachel Held Evans is an author and a blogger who shared about some of the lessons she never learned growing up about what it meant to be an author. These resonated with me so much considering all the writing I’ve been doing the past few months.

“They didn’t tell me just how lovely and how awful the writing life would be.

They didn’t tell me that some days I’d write from sunup to sundown and only keep 500 words.

They didn’t tell me that I’d go from loving my manuscript to categorically abominating it within a matter of hours.”

2. I’ve heard very little positive said about the Occupy Wall Street movement which has taken over parts of most major cities in the US and even some major cities around the world. While, I’m not a supporter of the movement I do find it fascinating that my generation is taking a stand on something. The question I’d pose is, what can we learn about millennials through this? MTV’s President wrote a great piece for The Washington Post that is an absolute must read:

“Where their parents engaged in civil disobedience, the Occupy Wall Street protesters are participating in civilized disobedience. Zuccotti Park is the opposite of anarchy. There’s a lending library and a mulch deposit. When the city wanted to clean up, the protesters refused, preferring to clean the park themselves. OWS’s famed human microphone is a metaphor for the movement: By working together, we can amplify our voices.”

3. How to choose your worship leader.

“Despite its popularity, the idea that skill doesnʼt matter to God is simply not biblical. God raises up godly and skilled artisans to serve in their craft. This doesnʼt mean your worship leader needs to have his own record on iTunes, but it does mean that “sloppiness drains the vertical dimension out of gathered worship” (Calvin). Skill does not make our sacrifice more acceptable to God, but it does help us serve our purpose as worship leaders more effectively.”

Have a great weekend.