The Three

Hard to believe there’s only 2 weeks left in the semester. I haven’t been looking forward to a semester ending this much since my junior year of college (2006).

Here’s my top 3 things for you to check out and discuss this week.

1. Jonathan Pearson recently released his own free e-book titled Millennial Matters. I know plenty of people who are trying to better understand my generation and Jonathan does a great job of discussing millennials. Definitely a book worth checking out. The price is right too.

2. When I was in sales out of college I always struggled with the sales pitch mentality of our culture. I always felt disingenuous when I was selling things because too often the truth had to be hidden or distorted for the sake of the sale. This time of year is the worst when it comes to sales because companies know people are looking to buy. Patagonia recently came out with an ad that still confuses me because of its oddity in our culture. They tell us not to buy their product. I know many companies are using their “going green” campaigns as marketing ploys but this strikes me as something much different. I sort of like it. And well, I’m blogging about it, so I guess the oddity of it all means something if they just wanted to sell more coats.

3. I really do love living in Portland, even when we get one sunny day every month during the winter (it was sunny all day yesterday!). It’s still worth it. Here’s a beautiful video of my city.

Blessings to you friends. Have a wonderful weekend.