Stepping Beyond the Rubble

rubble destructionLast Thursday I shared my experience of watching a dream die. It was dark. I wrote with the darkness in mind because living it felt that way quite often. But maybe lost in the darkness is finding light beyond it. Which I also experienced, yet didn’t convey in the post.

I write a monthly email newsletter, and last weekend I shared some next steps following the death of a dream. I’d love it if you signed up to receive the emails, but this time I thought I’d pass along to you what I shared with them, because I believe it can benefit you.

All of us, on some level, walk through life with piles of rubble—our dead dreams—surrounding us. What do we do after a dream dies? Instead of creating a cynic who dares not dream again, or instead of wallowing in the depression of failure, I believe there’s a better way forward.

  1. Love people. Sure your dream could be tied up in a person or group of people, but no doubt there are a few people around you that you can do a better job of loving and caring for. Often a dream pulls you away from loving the people who deserve and need it most.
  2. Keep dreaming. The death of one dream doesn’t mean all future dreams are doomed to destruction. God is still at work, and He’ll use that failed dream to refine your future understanding of where He desires you to go.
  3. Take a breath. I find that (especially as it relates to personal platforms online) dreams take hard work. There’s no need to transition from one dream involving hard work, right into another. Give yourself time to process the death of one before you begin the work for the next.

How have you moved forward following the death of a dream?