Nearest is Best

birds flyingI firmly believe the advice that you must write for others, so it makes sense that writers often care about the level of traction their writing gets. They focus on the amount of hits to their blog, or the amount of times people share their words into various spaces. And in this world of seeking attention it’s easy to get lost. From time to time, despite my best intentions, I get wrapped up in success being a gathered crowd around my words.

And while I’m only talking about writing I believe this mentality has bled into our lives. Success is now being able to gather a crowd around your life—people gawking with mouths open at how incredible you are. In the process we begin to pander to the supposed masses, blindly ignoring what is right under our nose.

In seminary a professor of mine taught the Bible study principle “nearest is best” when it came to understanding a specific passage of Scripture. The principle essentially endorses the idea that other passages near the passage of focus will do the best job of helping decipher the meaning of the main text.

I think this “nearest is best” principle is invaluable when it comes to life as well.

I know the internet has made all things possible for the average Joe to gain fame and fortune, but at what cost? Are we so lost in the allure of “success” that we’re missing what God has placed directly in front of us?

Is our desire for significance pushing us further away from it?

Sadly, for me that answer is yes. I’m not quite sure what the implications are for my answer, but if your answer is yes as well, I hope you will spend time at the feet of the Savior who can supply all wisdom and knowledge needed for taking the next step.

Pour into the people right in front of you, forsaking the allure of success. Worldly success is fleeting anyway.

[Photo: HKD]