What I’m Feasting On

Visions-of-Vocation Van G

What I’m feasting on is an every-now-and-then post of what I’ve been reading, listening to, and watching—because I think what we’re engaging with influences who we become. I rely on other people to be helpful and godly curators, and when I’m able to I take this opportunity to point you in a few directions that have been helpful for me.



  • “How to Use Reverse Self-Promotion.” My disdain for the marketing aspects of social media cause me to listen to any ideas people have for making social less of a click bait farm. This is good.
  • “Can hipster Christianity save churches from decline?” Love love love this from my friend Brett. If relevancy of church life is the answer to the question, church will increasingly become irrelevant. This push leads only to inauthenticity, which is much worse than not quite being relevant enough, whatever that means.
  • “Does Jesus Want Us to be Happy?” Too often holiness is thought of ignoring happiness. While the question is overly simplistic, the article emphasizes the importance of happiness in holiness in a helpful way.
  • “How My Calling Discovered Me” Calling isn’t a formula, it has Holy Spirit involvement and is an act of listening and obedience.


What are you feasting on? What am I missing out on?