Life Will Be Different Now

On Sunday afternoon Rose and I finally sold our car (the picture is of Rose kissing “Vernonica” goodbye). We got close to the price we wanted and we are mostly happy about it. It allows me to afford to go to school again next year and gives us a bit of a buffer if things fall a part. With insurance and gas prices, it was making less sense for us to have 2 cars.

So now I become a bike rider most of the time. We live just about a half mile from the church, so I have just a short ride to work (which will really suck when the rain arrives). I lost a little bit of my freedom today because Rose will be driving my car most of the time now.

bike rideI’ll be taking the Max to school (for you non Oregon readers, the Max is a light rail line that runs for 35 miles in Portland). So today is a bittersweet for me. While it was definitely the right thing to do, I have become more of a homebody because I can’t get around near as easily anymore.

How are you surviving the cost of driving?