Best of 2018

Somehow Christmas is a week away, which means 2019 isn’t far away. Here’s a look at some of my favorite things from 2018.



1. Leon Bridges “Good Thing” 

Try as I might to pick another album I loved more, I keep coming back to this one. So good.

2. Lord Huron “Vide Noir”

I largely avoided Lord Huron’s past releases because it had too much of a hipster vibe, but their latest release is just great music, no matter what vibe they put off.

3. Beach House “7”

Sometimes you just love the vibe a whole album gives, and this album is that for me.

4. The Paper Kites “On the Corner Where You Live”

Previously The Paper Kites were just an easy listening band, producing tender acoustic guitar tracks, but their latest ventures into new territory, and it’s great.

5. The Gray Havens “She Waits”

I’ve always enjoyed the more simplistic arrangements by The Gray Havens on earlier releases. This is definitely more a studio production, but it’s still wonderful.

Honorable Mention: Darlingside, Liz Vice, Brandi Carlisle, Sho Baraka, Le Voyageur, Johnnyswim with Drew Holcomb, Death Cab for Cutie, Father John Misty, Madison Cunningham, Gregory Alan Isakov, Maggie Rogers, New Harvest Worship 😉

Oh, and if you missed my review of Sandra McCracken’s 2018 lament album for Lent that I loved, you can read that HERE.

Here’s my playlist featuring all of my favorite songs of 2018, over 200 tracks strong.


1. Why Liberalism Failed by Patrick Deneen

You can read my favorite quotes from the book right here. Timely, provocative, needed.

2. All That’s Good by Hannah Anderson

Also a timely book, this book on discernment is so helping in framing discernment as pursuing good things instead of only avoiding bad ones.

Listen to my podcast episode with Hannah Anderson here.

3. Subversive Sabbath by A.J. Swoboda

Also a podcast guest, check out that episode here. A.J. does an excellent job of highlighting the spiritual significance of sabbath rest but also how it pushes against the cultural tide of constant connectivity.

My other favorite 2018 reads that were before this year: Grit, A Failure of Nerve (read my favorite quotes here), Building a Storybrand, As Kingfishers Catch Fire, The Shallows.


1. This Cultural Moment

Essentially anything that Mark Sayers puts out I am going to listen to or read. He’s the best cultural commentator for Christians today. John Mark Comer does a great job of distilling Mark’s depth into understandable points for listeners.

2. Serial

I wasn’t crazy about Serial’s second season, but their fall 2018 series on the criminal justice system in Cleveland, Ohio was phenomenal.

3. Parent Cue Live

This always sharpens by parenting abilities (which are obviously lacking).

4. Word Matters

It’s difficult to find podcasts with substantial Biblical depth and palatable episodes, but Trevin and Brandon bridge that gap with Word Matters.

5. Am I Called?

So much wisdom on this.

If you haven’t listened to Called Out yet, your loss!


I’ve got children, no time for movies.


1. “She Waits” by The Gray Havens

2. “Beyond” by Leon Bridges

3. “Give Me Your Fire Give Me Your Rain” by The Paper Kites

4. “Last Boat to Freedom” by Madison Cunningham

5. “Nothing Stands Between Us” by John Mark McMillan