Called Out Episode 016: Hannah Anderson

How do you determine what’s good? In our day of fake news and biased media and endless marketing ploys, deciding what to buy into is getting more difficult all the time. On this episode of Called Out, hear from Hannah Anderson as she walks us through how we can know whether something is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable (Philippians 4:8).

We often think of discernment in the negative (knowing what to avoid), but Paul in Philippians 4 encourages us to focus on good things. Learning how to develop our lives around good things is vital to our growth as Christ-followers, and those around us.

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Links from the episode:

—Hannah Anderson’s newest book All That’s Good just released a few weeks ago.

—Also, check out Hannah’s previous books Made For More and Humble Roots.

—If you’re interested in reading Hannah’s Twitter threads, follow her here.

—The debut album from New Harvest Worship is available everywhere, including Spotify and iTunes/Apple Music.

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Called Out is a podcast focused on areas of misunderstanding and brokenness in both society and the church. With a variety of guests, each episode tries to paint a picture of how Christians can navigate these areas differently to help you be a source of healing and light despite the darkness you see around you.