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Category: Art

The Pain of Art

20 months ago I shared my deepest, darkest secret to anyone who was willing to read my first published book. I didn’t even hide it on the last page, I placed it front and center in chapter one. From the outset of writing the book I had no intention of sharing anything about my secret. […]

Category: Art

Who is Art For? You or Others?

Maybe the title of the post poses the question in terms too exclusive, but there’s a lot of me-first propaganda out there for creatives to grab a hold of. When I published my first book a year a half ago, I never would have imagined that the subject of creativity and art would become a […]

Category: Art

Made For More

From Tyler: Today’s post is from my friend Matt Appling. Matt just released his first book this week and after talking with him about it a few months back I can’t wait to read it myself. In this post he’s sharing from a theme within the book. — Have you ever felt like you were […]

Category: Art

A Call to Write

This is a sneak peek of a talk I’ll be giving at the Faith and Culture Writers Conference this weekend. It’s in Portland and the price is incredible considering the slate of presenters. Come for them, but make sure to say hi to me too. — All over the internet you can find a plethora […]

Category: Art

A Better Formula

There’s been an ongoing debate I’ve been watching about whether creativity and content creation can follow a formula. I’ve been mulling over this and finally have an answer. Earlier this week I got to spend time with a writer/author friend of mine who was speaking at a local college. And during our conversation the answer […]

Category: Art

Being Moved By Art

I said in my Blue Like Jazz (the movie) review that I dissect art with the “all truth is God’s truth” mentality. I believe the true difference between good art and bad art is whether it draws us closer to something beyond us or not. For me, this something beyond is God. The best art […]

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