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Category: creating

Creating, Failing, Stopping

Lately I’ve been feeling discouraged, like a failure. Maybe the expectations I set for myself were too high. Maybe it wasn’t my fault. A few projects I worked hard over a long period of time came short of expectations. And in the process of those slowly falling apart, I started to sense something welling up […]

Category: creating

A Call to Write

This is a sneak peek of a talk I’ll be giving at the Faith and Culture Writers Conference this weekend. It’s in Portland and the price is incredible considering the slate of presenters. Come for them, but make sure to say hi to me too. — All over the internet you can find a plethora […]

Category: creating

Copying and Maligning the Creator

The lure of significance and influence on the internet and in life often turns us into copiers rather than creators. We see something that others are latching onto en masse and rather than do the difficult work of creating something that might connect with people, we choose to copy what has already been done, tweak […]

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