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Category: identity

I’m Not OK

It seems that for a few weeks every year I get in a funk. A “is-this-really-all-life-is?” kind of funk. A funk where I ask “who am I and what am I doing with my life?” but I struggle to land on an answer I like. A funk where nothing satisfies. Sometimes this funk is hard […]

Category: identity

4 Restraints Holding You Back From Inner Transformation

As I approached a busy season in life a wise man told me that I needed to cultivate the kind of soil God could use to work on my soul. It was his opinion that strong external living only comes from a place of internal fortitude and cultivation. Over the past few years I’ve been […]

Category: identity

Who You Are

“One of the tragedies of our life is that we keep forgetting who we are.” Henri Nouwen — At my lowest point I find it easy to summarize my life through my mistakes and my brokenness. I am a sinner. I am a failure. I can’t do something right. These are the names I call […]

Category: identity

The Struggle for Right Identity

I shared about identity a few weeks back during our Thanksgiving services at Sunset. Some of those thoughts have been birthed through my book writing and some of it has been birthed out of going through life over the past few months. And while I might have made it sound easy to live with the […]

Category: identity

Finding a Life of Thanksgiving

Whenever Rose and I get asked about how we started dating in college, she loves to take the opportunity to tell everyone about how she did not like me at all when she first got to know me. I was cocky and arrogant, and she picked up on the fact that I acted like I […]

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