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Category: silence

Embracing Limitations

Back in 2016 I was an outspoken critic of the Christian support behind Donald Trump, who was at the time running to be the Republican nominee for the Presidential election that year. Following the election I made a conscious choice to no longer address political topics related to the current United States President through a […]

Category: silence

Drowning Out the Noise

I used to take mass transit to make it to class every week. Everyone sits when their eyes fixated on the floor. If you ever make eye contact with someone, complete awkwardness ensues. Best to avoid such a thing. Everyone is filling their ears with noise. Some with big Beats headphones, others with subtle, small […]

Category: silence

The Whole World

From Tyler: There’s a whole slew of writers online who are far better than me, but haven’t gained the following they deserve. One of my goals for this space is to give new voices a chance to share. I choose these guest posts carefully because I want to repay my loyal readers with great writing. […]

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