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Category: weakness

Embracing Weakness

I mentioned a few weeks ago my break away from blogging was unintentional, but needed. What God was doing in me is spoken of in a message I shared with my church last Sunday. The post below summarizes the sermon, but if you’d like to listen to or download the message, it’s right here for […]

Category: weakness

A Comfortable Calling

A few months back I was catching up with a friend. We hadn’t spoke in over a year. He asked me, “so how are things at your church? How are you enjoying being a pastor?” I paused. I get asked the question a lot. I’m always unsure of how to answer. If this is someone […]

Category: weakness

What You Need: Weakness Over Strength

Humility—It’s the one thing you don’t have if you say you have it. I think one of the reasons Paul made such a strong emphasis on boasting about his weakness was because of the incredible amount of life change he was seeing happen through his ministry. If Paul was a pastor today he would be […]

Category: weakness

Don’t Do the Work: A Call To Being Unproductive

There’s a common saying regarding eating healthy within our culture today. Some of us have even made it a mantra to live by. “You are what you eat.” In other words, you become what you consume. It’s why my dad would always tell me, “If you eat anymore of those Starburst candies you’ll probably turn […]

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