Fortuitous Bouncing

I thought I would commemorate the ending of my first semester of seminary with some of the things that have had an impact on me lately.

First off, for anyone who follows football and knows me, you know I am a Vikings fan. About a month ago I would have never thought they could make the playoffs. But…if the playoffs started today, the Vikings would be in. Awesome.

Ok, now to the non sports stuff since nobody cares about it but me.

1. Rich Kirkpatrick wrote a blog about the notion of “worship not being music, but being a lifestyle.” I’ve heard it my whole life and it seemed to make sense but I like how he breaks it down and argues kind of against it.
2. Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed has two great blogs. One about the emerging generation and how it effects church. This is always an issue that I love to think and talk about because it my age group. The other is about Willow Creek’s Reveal study/poll. He talks about some of the things he likes and doesn’t like about it. It is a must read.
3. A friend from my dad’s church, Randy Mooney, has a great blog where he discusses the book Stop Dating the Church by Joshua Harris.
4. Matt Singley used to work at Sunset Pres and now is enjoying the So Cal life with celebrities at church. Anyway, he has a great blog about marriage advice after being married for 11 years. Maybe I’ll give one piece of advice after 1 year. Its comin up!!!
5. Do you use Firefox instead of Explorer? Then read this…and if you don’t. You should switch.
6. Like most of you…I don’t get much blog traffic. I stumbled upon (not using stumble upon) this blog by a guy who I definitely don’t know. BUT he has some good advice for blogging. Check it.
7. And lastly…this weekend at Sunset the theme if spiritual warfare. I just turned in a paper (the last paper of the semester!!!!) about demon possession which I’ll discuss another time. I don’t think we ever realize the battles going on around us and in us at all times. Perry Noble is a wonderful pastor in South Carolina and he discusses some elements of spiritual warfare through Nehemiah.

I’ll let you know if I am Legend is any good. I’m not a big sci-fi guy and the previews seem to give it that kind of element, so you will know for sure if it is legit.