Do You iGoogle?

I’ve been using Google stuff for a while. I remember getting Gmail and everyone asking what Gmail was. Lately I’ve moved into using Google Reader, Google Calender, Blogger, Google Books, Google Maps, and I could go on. If they ever move into creating hardware and software it could be scary because their stuff is that good. Try anything else in any of these categories and I guarantee Google’s will be as good or better.

I’m not writing this to provide a guilt trip for those of you who haven’t experienced this Google magic… instead I wanted to reference one of their newer ideas. This has put Google way over the top for me. It is iGoogle. It is basically a google homepage with whatever I want. I go to one web page and I get my email, rss feed (reader), calender, ESPN headlines, weather, news headlines, and anything else I want to add. Because I use so many Google programs I am able to have them all in one place with iGoogle. It is amazing. It has made me so much more efficient on the internet. If you aren’t using this, you need to try it out.